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Toyota Innova Ventures Launched, More Expensive From Fortuner!

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Autoxport USA - For most people, the use of chrome ornaments can give the impression of your car more luxurious and more manly. Answering the needs of the market, Toyota Indonesia finally launched the Toyota Kijang Innova Venturers who became the highest variant of the Toyota Kijang Innova in the homeland. With the highest variant of this, of course, you will be more confident to bring this car to a school reunion because of visible success.

Toyota Innova Ventures
Toyota Innova Ventures

Toyota do extra the accessories on the Toyota Innova Venturers, starting from the front body kit, side skirts side to the rear body kit. And in each of these body kit, not to forget the embedded chrome accents make it look more luxurious. To give the impression of a crossover look, Innova also get a body kit parts in black plastic bottoming plus a black over-fenders anyway.

In the future, Toyota Innova Venturers get special treatment, lower grille of his get piano black color plus two chrome accents on the side of right and left. His wheels are now shiny black to look manly and macho. To be more manly and macho again, dark-colored accents on body kit, grille and new alloy wheels are combined with the color pink as the color of the new Toyota Innova this Venturers. Toyota might be deliberately giving the impression agency Rambo, but the colors Rinto.

Before getting into the interior, Toyota Innova Venturer also has a back door with the license plate garnish is black like the Honda Jazz older models. Not forgetting the Venturer large logo in the bottom right of the car to show that you're driving an Innova's most prestigious than the Innova which is on the road today.

Entrance into the interior, we will find a good middle seat captain seat for gasoline and Diesel engines. For those of you who are allergic to the chairs made of fabric, calm .... Toyota Kijang Innova is already using the Venturer leather chair where Toyota mentions as Premium Leather Seat. Matter of safety, the car is priced considering this is sensible to get a more complete safety features of the Fortuner, call it VSC, HSA, 7 airbags and ISOFIX seats. Substantially all of the safety features that exist in Innova Q AT Diesel have all at Innova Venturers.

Toyota Innova Ventures

On price, price Venturer Toyota Innova is quite astonishing, as its highest variant is more expensive than the Toyota Fortuner G Automatic although Innova has more features. Toyota is quite good-natured as they all provide a large selection of engines and transmissions for the Toyota Kijang Innova Fortuner Venturers. Starting from gasoline priced at 386.3 Million to 406.4 Million MT and to Automatic. Then for diesel engines Engine GD very proud of it priced at a starting price of 424.2 million Rupiah for manual and 445.6 million for the AT. Somewhat surprising is the price difference between petrol and diesel versions because adrift 40 million anyway.

Toyota Innova Ventures

If after reading this article you shake my head at the price and the addition of chrome on this car, then you do not need to be confused and dizzy especially until misuh-misuh, this car does not target the prospective customers like you. This car is intended for those who like chrome, pleased with the types of highs and of course want to buy but got relief selega Fortuner Innova. If you are those people, and is required to select, of course Innova Venturer this could be a consideration given the style of his all-crossoveran crossover. Right?


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