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Five Common Problems BMW E30 M40

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BMW E30 Indonesian population in majority-engined four-door sedan form 1.800cc. There are two types of engine 1,800 cc common circulating in Indonesia, namely machine-coded M10 and M40. This vehicle is quite simple bagging technology and now the price as relatively cheap. Maintenance is also easy enough for those who have and want to buy this vehicle. Before you buy "his BMW Mas Boy", we have to review some of the noteworthy things on the BMW E30 318i M40 engine. 
Here you should consider:

BMW E30 M40

1. Air Flow Meter (AFM)

Air Flow Meter is located directly after the air filter box at the front left. Its function is to send information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) on the number of the incoming air. The longer the distance, the carbon component in the AFM will be thinned so that the car can not operate optimally.
One of the main ways is to note the round check engine when stationary. When the car can not be stationary with stable, it is possible that the AFM is not functioning normally. Additionally feel the movement of energy from lap down to the top. If the car feels strangled or choked as he reached the top round, it is also becoming one of the main symptoms of AFM is not functioning normally.

2. Cylinder head and camshaft

Camshaft become one of the main weak point in the M40 engine. Cam lobe is easier to wear than other E30 BMW engines for oil spray bars are easily clogged. When worn camshaft, the engine can not rotate at high speed resulting in the loss of power. M40 engine has a distinctive sound 'tick-tick-tick-tick' 'fine. However, if the Hydraulic Valve Adjuster wear will result in rough engine sound, like the sound of woodpeckers. And do not forget to replace the timing belt when the belt broke due will result in catastrophic for the engine and your wallet.

3. Hose-Hose

One of the main crucial thing noteworthy is the hoses in your BMW E30. Feel rubbers whether the radiator hose is brittle or not. Then the fuel hose in and out is located near the brake booster, looking for cracks or source of the leak because it would be very dangerous when the hose is brittle. Hoses are others contained in the engine room and toward the engine room also needs to be checked for BMW E30 cars are no longer classified as young.

4. Body and chassis

Note the lines that connect the panel to panel. Still no trace straighten or collision? Then note the distance between the panes, the gap between good panel should be flat. And find BMW E30 which has a body frame that is complete, because it would be difficult to find the items lis and the price is relatively expensive. Then search for rust spot under the car. Usually there behind the rocker panel, chassis indentation just below the firewall, and luggage. Porous undermine the chassis will endanger your life when driving.

5. Traces of oil

Check the under-under the engine and also the rear of the machine near the connection of the former or the gearbox oil seepage. When there is oil that comes out of the machine there is a possibility of leakage and may require relatively high cost for repair.


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