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Comparison Honda HR-V Prestige vs Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PX vs Hyundai Tucson GLS

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Honda HR-V Prestige not only disturb the 1.5 liter Crossover market but also disrupt the compact SUV market 2.0 liter.

Comparison Honda HR-V Prestige vs Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PX vs Hyundai Tucson GLS - The presence of Honda HR-V since the beginning of this year not only electrify the crossover market 1.5 liter engine, but also threaten the compact SUV class on it. If HR-V 1.5-liter engine Ford EcoSport and market harass Nissan Juke (Autocar May 2015 edition), the HR-V 1.8-liter engine with complete features, as if created for the compact SUV market harass 2.0 liter engine with all the advantages.

Honda HR-V Prestige vs Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PX vs Hyundai Tucson GLS

Strategies Honda chose a 1.8 liter engine is quite intelligent. None of the manufacturers in Indonesia that provides a choice of this machine in Crossover and SUV segment. In this class, which is available is a 2.0 liter engine a compact SUV. For Honda this gives an advantage, a smaller capacity engine promises better fuel efficiency and (supposedly) a cheaper price. Read also First Drive Honda HR-V Prestige.

But in fact, in terms of price, Honda HR-V Prestige berbenderol actually quite high. In this review, we tried to find out, with a price tag that reaches Rp 358 million (on the road in Jakarta), a compact SUV which is also worthy of consideration?

There are two strong candidates that we select, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PX and Hyundai Tucson GLS. Both are carrying the 2.0-liter engine, with the Outlander Sport for USD 347 million, and Tucson for USD 352 million. Her second in a condition on the road in Jakarta.

Even so, in addition to the selling price of the car, a lot of factors that determine the consumer in choosing a car. Design into the initial impression that is worth considering, then there is still the matter of performance, practicality, efficiency, up to aftersales service. Then, how capable the youngest child Honda threaten the existence of the compact SUV class is greater?

Exterior Design

Honda HR-V has the most compact design among the three. Dimensions of the figures, the HR-V smallest (4,294 x 1,772 x 1,580 mm) than the Outlander Sport (4,300 x 1,800 x 1,625 mm) and Tucson (4,410 x 1,820 x1.685 mm). With most large agencies, Tucson provides advantages in terms of flexibility cabin and luggage space capacity. In terms of design, the style of European cars appeal promising for those who do not realize that the car was born in South Korea.

While Honda, giving a touch of style to the HR-V coupe with a camouflaged door handle on the top corner of the back door. Solid Design Wing Face on the grille reinforce the HR-V as a new generation of Honda's line-up. On the other hand, equip Mitsubishi Outlander with a very sporty look. Shape grille and lights reminiscent of the characteristics of the Mitsubishi Evo X. The lines firmly on its design gives the impression of tough.


Honda HR-V Prestige equip with a 1.8-liter SOHC i-VTEC technology. Those of the Honda Civic engine is capable of producing 139 hp and peak torque of 169 Nm which is channeled to the front wheels through a CVT transmission Earth Dream Technology. While Mitsubishi Outlander Sport PX rely on 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC engine capable of spewing power of 150 hp and torque of 197 Nm. Power from the engine is channeled to the front wheels through a CVT transmission with sport mode INVECS III. While Hyundai Tucson GLS using a 2.0 MPI D-CVVT that produces 158 hp and 192 Nm of torque transmitted to the front wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission Shiftronic.

In testing this time, we did not test acceleration to find out who is the fastest. Nevertheless, the difference in weight of the car would affect the power ratio which is owned by each car. Tucson has a weight of 1403 kg with a power-weight ratio of 112.61 hp / ton. While HR-V Prestige has a weight of 1,306 kg that makes it has a power-weight ratio of 106.43 hp / ton. Then Outlander with a weight of 1,425 kg makes memili power-weight ratio of 105.26 hp / ton. As for the torque ratio, the highest weight is owned by Outlander with a torque-weight ratio of 138.24 Nm / ton, and Tucson with numbers 136.84 Nm / ton and last HR-V with numbers 129.40 Nm / ton.

Driving and Efficiency

For us, it is difficult to determine which presenting driving and controlling the best among the three. HR-V Prestige, Outlander Sport and Tucson offer the same precise control and fun. It's just the weight of the wheel HR-V and the Tucson feels much lighter than the Outlander so much easier when parking.

The difference HR-V and Outlander has been equipped with paddleshift which increase the sensation Berken-virgin like driving a manual car, but the Outlander still provide sequential gear selection of the transmission lever. Tucson became the only one that does not have paddleshift thus slightly reducing the fun of driving, fortunately Hyundai still pinned on the sequential gear shift lever.

In the HR-V, the seating position is low enough to offer as if sitting in a hatchback or sedan. While DNA aroma typical sport three diamond manufacturer feels strong when driving the Outlander Sport. Well, Hyundai Tucson also provides seating position terbi-lang quite comfortable and offers an atmosphere that is fairly quiet drive.

When driving in the city of presenting three pretty impressive acceleration. HR-V to 1.8-liter engine is able to serve two rivals that have an engine capacity above it. HR-V Prestige character so quiet, but when asked to accelerate he can deliver fast response. So even when asked to maneuver at high early kecepat feels very stable. Outlander was no less aggressive when asked to accelerate, its 2.0-liter engine deliver responsive performance with sharp controls typical Mitsubishi. Control at high speed Outlander Sport is very impressive and can overpower bend easily.

While Hyundai Tucson feels very soft when you touch the gas pedal, like not being in a compact SUV. Response acceleration feels bears a fun, just control was less than the two rivals. Especially when maneuvering at high speeds, this seems to influence the rotation of the steering wheel is very light.

HR-V we're featuring thanks to the Cruise Control feature that is not owned by the Outlander Sport and Tucson. This feature contributed a great deal when traveling out of town on the freeway, you can rest while keeping your right foot on the engine rotation speed is ideal. This feature also helps to maintain the efficiency of the performance of the engine. When testing fuels, HR-V Prestige recorded a 15.07 kpl fuel combinations, Hyundai Tucson GLS scored fuel combinations 12.14 kpl while the Outlander Sport PX scored combined fuel by 11.94 kpl.

Safety & Security Features

For us, the safety features is one of the main considerations when choosing a car. In Tucson GLS safety devices are offered is a brake system with ABS and airbags for the driver availability. While the Outlander Sport PX and HR-V Prestige have the same braking system with ABS, EBD and BA. Outlander Sport also has additional safety features such as Brake Pedal Release Safety that will fold into the brake pedal during an impact from the front, to avoid the crush of the driver's foot from the brake pedal.

Features Brake Override System is also available on the Outlander Sport PX and HR-V Prestige which detects abnormal control and will be slowed down and reduce unwanted acceleration. HR-V Prestige also has been equipped with features Emergency Stop Signal will be activated and turn on the hazard lights automatically in short intervals during a pe-ngereman suddenly.

Not only that, the HR-V Prestige is also a feature that helped maintain stability as Motion Adaptive EPS (Electric Power Steering) and VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist). VSA can reduce the symptoms of oversteer or understeer thanks to the help of EPS that helps correct the direction of the car. While VSA can reduce the symptoms slip by giving different brake pressure on all four wheels in turn while braking on different road surfaces. EPS system can reduce the symptoms of vehicles swerved due to strong winds blowing from the side. Other features are quite helpful is HSA (Hill Start Assist) which facilitates acceleration time of stop and go on road conditions uphill.

Outlander Sport PX is equipped with airbags for the driver and front passenger. While HR-V Prestige has been equipped with airbags for driver and passenger, side airbags and side curtain airbags.

In terms of safety features, the trio is already equipped with an immobilizer. However, HR-V and Outlander Prestige PX has adopted smart key and engine start / stop. In Tucson GLS, still adopt the conventional key.

Latitude Lounge cabins

In terms of cabin space flexibility, Tucson offers a more spacious cabin than the two competitors. The first line in Tucson have leg room up to 76 cm with a headroom of 98 cm. While the Outlander Sport offers up to 73 centimeters of leg room and head room up to 94 cm. HR-V became the most narrow because it has up to 70 cm leg room though headroom of up to 94 cm as the Outlander Sport.

While on the second line, the HR-V has the leg room 56 cm with 91 cm headroom, legroom Tucson has a 50 cm by 95 cm of headroom and legroom Outlander has a 49 cm by 91 cm headroom. To accommodate the second row passenger comfort, all cars already have a reclining settings. Panoramic roof belongs to the HR-V and Outlander Sport Prestige PX provides airy feel to the cabin, but the HR-V Prestige Panora-mic roof can be opened while the Outlander Sport is not.

Storage facilities, HR-V has a trunk with a height of 83 cm, a width of 134 cm and depth of 79 cm. Tucson has a trunk height of 76 cm, width 130 cm and depth of 89 cm. While the Outlander Sport has a height of 69 cm, width 134 cm and depth of 79 cm. Luggage belonging Tucson has the largest storage capacity thanks to its depth, while the HR-V has a trunk that facilitate access thanks to the brink of baggage that is not too high.


To entertain passengers throughout the journey, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport supplement PX with 7-inch touch screen that come with DVD players, MP3, WMA, as well as AM / FM radio and Bluetooth wireless technology. Entertainment screen is equipped with a navigation system map is quite accurate. When signed into gear backwards, the screen automatically displays the conditions behind the car.

Honda HR-V Prestige 7inci also use the touch screen, equipped with DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, USB port, Aux input, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, HDMI and connectivity with iPod / iPhone / Android. The screen also displays the conditions behind the car when the gear is in position R. Unfortunately, the entertainment system belonging to the HR-V Prestige is not equipped with a navigation system like that of the Outlander Sport.

Tucson GLS's entertainment system is the simplest. With a monochrome screen, this system is quite to entertain passengers. The plus side, models such as the entertainment system is much easier to use. Although it looks simple, Tucson entertainment system has USB connectivity, iPod / iPhone and Aux input.

Maintenance costs

We estimate the cost of care up to the mileage of 50,000 km. Data obtained based on their manufacture, repair costs can vary depending on the condition of the car when fixed. From this data, the HR-V Prestige has a maintenance cost of up to 50,000 km lowest with a total cost of US $ 4.3632 million, then Outlander PX with a total cost of US $ 6.2047 million, while the Tucson GLS has the highest maintenance costs with the rate of Rp 6.834 million.

Value for Money

With all the features offered in the Honda HR-V Prestige, a car is fairly lucrative than their two opponents. It's just all the features you need to redeem at a price that is more expensive than the other two. On the other hand, the Outlander Sport PX which is the highest type can redeem at a price of Rp 11 million cheaper. While Tucson GLS with the advantages of the cabin, which is priced at Rp 6 million less.

Even so, if you see an offer safety features, efficiency and maintenance costs, the difference in price is more expensive owned HR-V still give a positive value to consider. This obviously makes the manufacturer in the compact SUV class can not remain silent to maintain its presence. The latest news, both Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and Hyundai Tucson, they will immediately change clothes and offers better edge again


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