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BMW M2 Coupe Review

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autoxportusa.com - BMW M series always brings amazing driving sensation. Since 1972, BMW M has created a number of successful legendary vehicles captivate the enthusiast high performance worldwide. One is the classic model BMW 2002 Turbo, became one of the most enthralling vehicle in his day as well as the first European manufacturer of vehicles produced by injection turbocharger technology.

Motorsport is the root of BMW M GmbH, as can be seen on the entire line-up of vehicles carrying the tradition of BMW M. With these, the all-new BMW M2 Coupé shows its superiority in terms of dynamism, driving experience, stability, level of precision of the steering wheel and ease of control without sacrificing the factors that support everyday use.

In terms of appearance, the all-new BMW M2 Coupe has a sharp design and aggressive. As with any BMW vehicle models on the racetrack, the design represents outstanding performance potential. Sharp design complements the dynamic attributes, the design of the all-new BMW M2 Coupé represents the potential for outstanding performance.

Part large front bumper with air intakes are quite large, and side fenders great side by side with a line of muscle that emphasized the gills on the fenders as a characteristic of AD, as well as with the grille using a model of the same design as most BMW vehicles at this time , And to show the distinctive identity of the performance of the M series, there is a logo bearing the M2 on its grill section.
Because the vehicle is a coupe model and to show the sporty impression, then have a design with two doors as well as on BMW M4. The next section looks quite compact dimensions, with a seductive design lines make all who see it will be stunned. Bagiab peleknya using double-spoke design of the typical line-up of BMW M aluminum measuring 19 inches, as well as the use of M-specific exhaust twin-tailpipe plays an important role in demonstrating the characteristic M on the all-new BMW M2 Coupé.

Sign the interior, dashboard instruments berdisain modern model that is also a very distinctive design. BMW M logo embedded in the steering wheel and gear lever, to add a thick strong aroma BMW M. The design is also very good seat, where design is created to provide comfort while driving because the seat has an indentation that seemed locked body of the driver or passengers to not shifted when the vehicle to maneuver sharply.

Another interesting feature is BMW M Laptier, can analyze the driving style. The feature will record vehicle speed, engine rpm, until the fuel consumption of the vehicle itself. It will be more interesting because we will be able to analyze or determine the driver with the vehicle itself.
Then the screen 8.8 "becomes a very important information screen, which will display the navigation system, as well as other information relating to the vehicle itself. As for entertainment in the cabin, available with a capacity of 20 GB hard drive, slot disc DVD / CD, and USB / iphone. As for the voice systems rely on speaker Harman / Kardon, scattered throughout the cabin space as much as 12 speakers.

Part of her kitchen runway, relying on a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 2979 cc with additional power from the turbocharger. So that could spew maximum power of 370 hp at engine speed of 6,500 rpm, and peak torque is 500 nm at the engine speed 4,750 rpm. While the automatic transmission using a model with a 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission (MDCT). And was able to complete quite a 0-100 kph acceleration in 4.3 seconds.
Handlingnya also quite good and stable, thanks to features BMW M Dynamic Mode (MDM) which is a sub-function of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). The way it works is able to effectively anticipate oversteer or understeer or loss of traction by taking measures to stabilize the vehicle.

When using the Sport + mode, the response strength is stronger and become more rigid suspension. The great power of the engine as if he wanted to throw the vehicle more quickly, which is why the variant M2 Coupe does have the potential for outstanding performance. You will definitely addicted to the performance of a ferociously.

price : USD 110000,~


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